Marie is one of the most proficient and talented on-set acting coaches I have ever worked with. She was able to coach each of my dancers into brilliant actors in no more than a couple of rehearsals. Her insights are profound, her suggestions are perfect, and she does all her coaching privately, whispering into your ear, reminding you of your character and giving you areas to look at where you can go deeper. Her dance coaching is equally helpful, and her small adjustments create a profound difference. It was an incredibly joy to have her as a coach for my dancer/actors on the set of DEUX, and I hope to work with her again and again. She is a great talent.


Lauren Brim. Director and choreographer on Deux le film

J'ai rencontré Marie-Christine Devineau après un spectacle de cette magnifique production du Requiem de Faure à Anvers avec Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui


J'ai pu échanger brièvement avec elle sur son activité et eu la chance d'avoir une première séance avec elle à Anvers entre deux représentations.


Cette séance était comme je pouvais l'imaginer très enrichissante et avec de belles perspectives pour un artiste en quête de parfaire sa posture en pleine conscience.

Marie-Christine est une professionnelle aux sens aiguisés qui, avec son expérience et ses connaissances permet le lâcher-prise de certains mécanismes de contrôles dû au vécu propre à chaque être humain, en toute bienveillance.


Après deux magnifiques séances de travail intensives avec Marie-Christine, j'ai pu constater un équilibre plus naturel dans ma posture globale, mon ancrage, mes points d'appuis et mes sensations intérieures, un calme intérieur, une belle qualité de ma concentration, une présence à soi à l'instant présent et ce n'est que le début !


Tout art est perfectible et toute carrière professionnelle de haut niveau a besoin d'un coach comme Marie-Christine.


Elle est douce, sensible, à l'écoute et avec des perceptions très justes. 


Amel Brahim-Djelloul. Chanteuse lyrique

My first session with Marie-Christine Devineau was out of pure curiosity.  Honestly, I didn’t feel that I “needed” the session because I never had injuries as a dancer. I had no expectations and no idea of what the treatment would be like, so I was completely surprised at how transformed I was after just one session with her. I  have had countless massages, physical therapy sessions, chiropractic work and even acupuncture during my career.  None of these styles of treatment or practitioners approached healing me and strengthening me as a whole individual, taking my emotions and thoughts about myself into serious consideration along the resulting physical issues.  Those sessions were temporarily helpful, but didn’t get to the root of the problem the way Marie-Christine did.  
The Act-Dance Posture method was the all-encompassing answer to this problem for me.  Marie-Christine works one-on-one with each person in a gentle, safe, and compassionate way allowing them to discover issues and leading them to answers (not always immediate, of course).  She is intuitive, sensitive, and has extensive knowledge of many fields of study (including her own professional dance career).  She understands the demands and difficulties dancers face and has the tools to help them- all of them, not just their bodies.  I have visited her for subsequent sessions, and in this time she has helped me understand myself and make life-altering positive changes.  I would and have recommended Act-Dance Posture treatment to anyone who wants to grow, to know themselves on a deeper level, and get out of negative patterns in their life.  It’s impossible for us to improve as dancers if we do not first change as people. 

Ginny Hendricksen